WP Armour support for Bricks

Make Bricks forms compatible with the WP Armour plugin. I already sent my request to the authors of the WP Armour plugin - a reCaptcha alternative. Here is the plugin:

Here is a form for submitting Bricks to the authors of that plugin to consider implementing support for Bricks forms for their plugin.


The reCaptcha is a terrible page-speed pracitice (I know… Google vs Google here) and the WP Armour helps with this. Please consider contacting them and making them aware of the great work of the Bricks team.

Also, please upvote this one: Ideas – Bricks

Thank you!


Recaptcha is a nightmare for optimization.

Honeypot alternatives are clearly the best for performance.

+1 from me.

This should be moved to feature requests board here on the forum not to developers.

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