WIP: Working with the CSS Editor writing Custom CSS

Bricks** version: 1.3.2
Browser: Chrome 90
OS: Windows
URL: My dev machine

Sometimes it’s a pain to write CSS in the dedicated “textarea” and I have to refresh the page to continue. It is a waste of time.

I’m not able to send you the exact steps to reproduce, but if you try to build a page working with elements, write some custom CSS, go back to the element in the canvas e change something, go back to the CSS textarea I’m sure you can see my pains: click in an area, move the cursor with the keyboard, the cursor moves to an unexpected area. There’s probably a problem with the text area.

Also try to resize the panel manually once or twice and go back to the CSS editor.

I hope this will help.


Hello @lanzoni.nicola

Thank you for your post.

Could you please provide a screencast of this issue?

Thank you

Hi @luistinygod ,

I will provide a screencast for this (it will take me a while and I have a site to complete), however first I encourage you to try because the problem exists (try writing CSS, not one rule but a bunch of rules and you can see).

Hi @luistinygod

Please take note: the problem is in all custom editors (CSS & JS & HTML), in the video the cursor was jumping from one area to another even though I was moving the cursor one position with the keyboard arrows.

I am sure if you have tried as explained you have seen the problem :slight_smile: .

Here the screencast:


Came across the same issues over the past weeks while working a lot with the code element. I think the problem is related to the width of the sidebar. In it’s default width it’s working fine (but long lines are hard to read), but after changing the width the cursor position get’s totally messed up.



Yes, I’ve had this issue as well where the cursor jumping around. Hoping this issue gets fixed soon as it’s incredibly annoying when needing to write code.

Hi @luistinygod ,

If you’re working on this, take a look at this as well: Code Element - JS script - code disappear


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Bordering on unusable for me

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Not related, but we’re also working on it. Thank you for pointing it out.

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