WIP: UI bug: Adjusting values at different breakpoints is glitchy

Bricks v.1.3.7

  1. Select an element that has a value set for a property, such as Top, at a high breakpoint, such as desktop.
  2. Switch to a smaller breakpoint, such as mobile landscape.
  3. Adjust the value of the same property for this breakpoint using the slider.

→ The value starts at a totally different number than the value for the desktop breakpoint. In my example, I set the Top to 21% at desktop breakpoint. After switching to mobile breakpoint, dragging the slider the value immediately changes to about 684%. It should start out at 21% so any slider adjustments are made from that as a starting point.

See screencast: Dropbox - responsive.mov - Simplify your life

Similarly if you instead use the arrow keys to adjust the mobile breakpoint, the value immediately reverts to 1. If you wanted to set it to 25% at mobile breakpoint, you should be able to just press up arrow key 4 times.

Hi Eric,

Thanks so much for your report. I reproduced the issues and added them to our bug tracker. Let’s see if we can improve this in one of the following versions.

Best regards,