WIP: Slider – is it possible to set more than one slide per view?

Hi all,

is there any possibility to get more than one slide into view? I need three of 'em.

Swiper js has the option to do that and in the source code seems to be the option to show more than one as you can see in the screenshot below. But I can’t find it in Bricks. Unfortunately I need to use the slider and can’t replace it with the carousel since I need the query loop.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-07 um 15.39.07

@jomawie Welcome to the forum :wave:

We’ll add new “Items to show”, “Items to scroll”, and “Spacing” settings in Bricks 1.4 allowing you to show multiple slides at once like this:


FANTASTIC! Thanks a lot :pray:

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Hey @thomas

Can you also add more effects to the sliders so we can choose?

One of the effects I like.

Effect-wise we are bound to what SwiperJS ships with. The only swiperJS effects Bricks currently doesn’t include are Cards & Creative, I think: Swiper Demos

Ah…the effects are pretty nice. Thanks!

@timmse I believe this is already added. I guess the topic can be marked as solved. Changelog – Bricks (bricksbuilder.io)