WIP: Related post images are HUGE - Please let us have smaller ones

Bricks Version: 1.3.6
Browser: Chrome 96
OS: Windows

The Related posts widget is great. Only thing is that there’s no control over the size of images that are used.

This leads to an image that shows on the screen at 116x74px actually being a 1200x1600px image.

Obviously this is far from optimal and is a huge strain on page loading times - and it’s going to have a significant performance impact on every page that uses it.

Most Bricks controls have the ability to select the size of image to display - Can you add this to Related posts widget please - it seems like such an obvious omission, I’m wondering if it’s a bug.

Not only will I love you, but so will the world :slight_smile:

Hi, flimflam!

You´re totally right, the image sizes are missing :frowning:
I´ve added it to our todos.

Best regards,

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Fab @timmse - Thanks

Hi flimflam,

I found a workaround. Just disable the image, add a new field with {featured_image} tag, that can be extended with a custom image size:

Best regards,

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What a great work around - thanks.

I gave it a go and it worked well for one of the usages.

Did you get any joy in getting the image on the left, text on the right @timmse?

I had a play around, but could only get the text sitting underneath, no matter which bit I twiddled

Hi flimflam,
Unfortunately not within the settings - but custom CSS will work, of course.