WIP: Query loop + query filter + meta query == sorting problem

Browser: Firefox 124/ Chrome 123
OS: Ubuntu 22.04 / Windows 10

Hi folks!
Long time lurker, first time poster.
I have a problem with the query loop and the new query filters functionality. They work perfectly together, as far as I can see, for my most common use cases.

This is an event calendar that pulls data from a custom post type with custom fields:

Working perfectly with all sorts of filters.
In this particular instance however, I can’t make it work when I add a meta query forcing it to only display future events:

The problem is that the filters no longer work as intended. The loop presents the correct events in the future but as soon as I touch the filters, the results are all over the place. I can’t even find a logic to try and track down the problem.

I never had a problem before with Bricks that I couldn’t fix just by reading these forums. Today, unfortunately, I’m lost.

Is this expected behavior, something I can expect from the beta state of query filters or am I missing something reeeeaaaaaaallly obvious?

Credentials to the staging site are available upon request to inspect the culprits and my probable PEBCAK.


Thanks so much for your report!

It is difficult to give a general answer, as there are some open bugs with the search/filter features, and user errors can’t be ruled out, especially with date-related queries.

Would you be so kind as to send temporary login credentials and a link to this thread to help@bricksbuilder.io using the email address you used during the purchase so that we can look at your setup in detail?

Best regards,

Hi timmse

Email sent. Thanks

Hi @h.udo ,

Thank you so much for the staging site setup.
You are right, it’s a bug. The meta query setting merged wrongly when the filter was performed.
Recorded it to the bug tracker and hopefully it will be solved soon.