WIP: Option to disable dragging in field to increment/decrement

So I’m now fully into Bricks development after waiting on the sidelines for it to mature a little more. I’ve decided to drop Oxygen after using it for the past 1.5 years due to far too many annoyances and bugs. I’ve loved Bricks since the first release but only dabbled up to now.

I’ve only come across 2 relatively minor annoyances so far, but as Thomas is a talented UI designer I’m certain this would be valuable feedback.

The first is the “clever” feature that allows one to change the value of a numeric field simply by clicking in the field and dragging up/down to increment or decrement the value. It’s brilliant in theory (when I first saw it demonstrated in a video I shouted “Yes!” and freaked out my family)…but unfortunately brutally annoying in practice.

The problem is that it’s incredibly sensitive such that most of the time just clicking the field causes a sudden and unintended jump in values. See this quick screencast: Dropbox - Screen Recording 2021-12-22 at 11.24.35 AM.mov - Simplify your life

If it could be made less sensitive, so that values don’t start changing until the mouse has moved at least 100px or so, that may help. But if not, could an option be added to disable this feature?

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Oooh cool. Didn’t know you could do that. I nearly shouted too but managed to contain myself.

But testing in Try Bricks and I am not finding it that sensitive at all. Its very easy to control.
The only problem I see is that I can scroll off the page top or bottom before reaching the required value - then the whole page starts scrolling.

So maybe there are differences in browsers and/or mouse sensitivity?
I’m using Brave and a logitech wired mouse.

Just played with it… Definitely depends on mouse speed and how fast you move the mouse. Slower moves results in faster changing of the values… if it makes sense… :slight_smile:

Yes, same here. I usually enter the numbers by typing the precise value and when there is a value already entered I tend to select it by “dragging” the mouse from right to left. Current feature leads to very unexpected (and unwanted) behaviour when using this maneuver.

I’m posting to this again because it doesn’t look like it was seen by the Bricks team…and it’s absolutely driving my F*$%ING INSANE. I lose so much time, as virtually any click within a numeric field ends up entering a value. And god forbid I try to select all the digits in the field by dragging across—that usually increments the value to such a high value that my layout is temporarily destroyed, adding a moment of panic to the frustration of having to enter the value again.

Please fix this or allow us to disable this feature! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE please.

Hi Eric,

sorry for the late reply. I added this to our improvement todos :v:

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