WIP: Option to add caption & description in gallery lightbox

Hi guys.

An option to add caption or/and description in lightbox when clicked on the gallery item would be excellent.



Absolutely. Just an image doesn’t work, it needs some text in lightbox describing the image. Make sure that if the caption is added to the lightbox image, you can still disable it on the gallery thumbnails.

This feature is really useful, hope they add this feature soon.

On non-bricks sites I usually use this excellent lightbox plugin: Lightbox with PhotoSwipe – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org. It has lots of extra settings, including the title/caption/description settings. Since it uses the same PhotoSwipe library, you can get some inspiration there.

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is there any news?
I want to turn on the caption on the lightbox.

or is there another way to do this?


Same here, now needing this. Putting a caption on thumbnails doesn’t make sense, much better to have the option to display it in the lightbox either above or below the image with control on spacing etc.

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There are TONS of extra lightbox options in the HappyFiles Pro gallery element such as thumbnails, captions, etc so the code already exists in HappyFiles from the same author.

The only downside to it is that it doesn’t work with dynamic data…DOH!

Ian, from what I remember, when I tried the Happyfiles gallery plugin, the thumbnail images aren’t responsive. Is this what you have found?

Yep, it’s a bit rubbish really.

There’s an option there for how many columns you want which it completely ignores as you go down the breakpoints.

And also, there’s a dynamic data box…and it ignores that too.

Yeh, I ended up using lightbox with captions on the dynamically generated thumbnails. What also irritates me with lightbox is the next/previous arrows are missing.

To be honest, this is just one of those things that really annoys the hell out of me with Bricks sometimes.

The image gallery element should be pretty amazing with all the features you could possibly need such as filtering, dynamic data, lightbox with captions, thumbnails, etc. Automatically link up with HappyFiles Pro folders if the plugin is installed…all that kind of stuff. You shouldn’t need to hack it with other plugins or functions to provide what is essentially, a core element that people will be using day in, day out.

Especially when HappyFiles Pro…from the same author, has a lot of these features, but doesn’t work with dynamic data.

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Anyone figured out a way to add captions to lightbox Bricks gallery??? I really miss this feature. I have a travel blog with a lot of galleries. I used to use third party gallery but it wasn’t good and am now back to Bricks’ gallery. I really need captions inside the lightbox view. Please dear god can we get this feature already. Everyone go upvote this idea on the idea board!!!

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Ideas – Bricks if you want to vote.

I’m missing this ability too.

Is there anyway to implement it?

I am a new Bricks user and am generally enthusiastic about the many design and technical options that Bricks offers me when creating websites and I can hardly wait to create my first website with Bricks.

I don’t want to complain about the system in my first post, but I’m absolutely stunned that this standard doesn’t work. Almost every customer asks me how to write something in there. I can’t create a website for clients without describing the photos in the lightbox. Or I have to point out to every customer before creating their website that the system used does not allow them to add any further descriptions in the lightboxes. How shit is that? Not every system can do everything, but these standards shouldn’t even be worth mentioning. This little feature should be child’s play compared to the other (great) features that are planned. I’d also like to ask again if anyone knows of another way to retrofit this function, using third-party plugins if necessary?

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Is there any update on this issue?
Is there any other way to do this with another type of element?
Or coding manually?


Might there be some other way to set up a gallery so that you could use the Happy File Gallery features and make it a part of a template?

If I have a custom post type, and a template set by condition for only that post type…and I want a gallery to display…the query loop seems difficult to set up.

I set up a custom field to choose the correct folder (taxonomy advanced in metabox) in the CPT, but now how do I set the gallery to pull the images from that folder such that it works for each CPT? This is for an artist’s portfolio page. Right now it looks like I can only set individual folders.

Perhaps there is a way to do this with terms?

Any advice is most welcome. Thank you!

The straight up Bricks lightbox has no captions (???).

Just try to do something of photoswipe, yet fully tested all cases, but so far tested with static and dynamic data from acf gallery in single post page. This will get the image caption, if does not exist fall back to image alt.

HELLO. When do you plan to fulfill this feature request? This has been opened for two years now. To be honest with you, I’m losing my patience. There’s a bunch of people in here requesting this. And we are not talking about something hard to implement. It’s quite simple actually - enable image captions inside gallery lightbox. This gallery as of right now is useless. Why would I have to use a third party gallery when I paid for Bricks lifetime license?

This is becoming unacceptable. If you as a company can’t fulfill simple feature requests for your customers first, I suggest you reevaluate your priorities. Please finish your product first before focusing on other things! Feature requests should be put first!

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