WIP: Negative values overwrites the units (in margins, paddings...etc) when toggling tab | 1.3.7beta

Bricks Version: 1.3.7 beta
Browser: Chrome 90
OS: Windows

When editing a page with Bricks 1.3.7beta, when you enter a negative value for the margins in pixels (px), if close the tab and open it again, it will apply your value instead of the unit and your value will disappear.
Step 1 : apply negative value

Step 2 : close tab

Step 3 : bug

Step 4 : repeat to amplify bug, can work an infinite number of times :slight_smile:

It happened with % too.
I also happen to have negative values turned into positive but couldn’t find the specific mechanic that triggers it.

Hope that helps get the beta into a stable release.

Hi Peter,
thanks so much for your report!

However, you could have saved your time, the problem has already been reported x times :smiley: Just search for “negative” and the threads will show up.

But anyway, thanks a lot!

Best regards,