WIP: Gutenberg Core Blocks features disabled when theme = bricks

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.
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With the Bricks Theme activated, the Gutenberg Core blocks are missing all the new block options that were added over the last year or two. These are settings like padding, margin, border, border radius for heading, paragraph, group, stack blocks and others.

No other pagebuilder that I checked (including the new Droip Builder) seems to have that issue.

I believe most Bricks users will use the Gutenberg editor for blog posts and custom post types, just as Thomas recommended it in one of his earlier videos.

At the moment the workaround is to use Kadence or Generate Blocks in Gutenberg. However this creates unnecessary lock-in.

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I don’t use Gutenberg for anything anymore, I even write my blogs posts in the bricks editor as you have way more control over everything.

Hi Dietmar,
Thank you for posting your request again in the forum. As Jenn already said, this is not a bug but a feature request/improvement. Accordingly, I am moving your post to the correct category.

It would be best if you created an “official” request for this on the idea board, as the category here in the forum is intended more for discussion:

Best regards,

Sorry, I disagree. Here is something that works until one activates the Bricks theme. To make it work again is repair and not a new feature or even new idea.
But since I seem to be the only one who even notices the “bug” I understand that you want to focus your work on things more in demand. Like those components?

What are you trying to accomplish with Gutenberg that you can’t do with Bricks functionality?

Do you need help with anything?

Very kind of you to offer to help, Chris.

I can easily do all my posts in Bricks. No competence deficit there.

I just don’t want to. Imagine you have a business website with some hundreds of posts written in Bricks - and then Bricks shuts down or you want to switch to newer, nicer page builder.

Easy when your posts are in Gutenberg - Nightmare if they are in Bricks (or another builder). The correct place for posts is Gutenberg, not the Bricks, Breakdance, Elementor or their likes.

You want Bricks for the static pages, header, footer - and to create templates to display the posts.

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You make a good point actually, but I don’t see Bricks going anywhere so I’ll stick building them in the Bricks editor where I can drop in my pre-built templates, use grid, flex, even GSAP if I really wanted to showcase it for a GSAP blog post.

If your posts are simple, and doesn’t need much other than a simple layout with text and images and other pretty basic elements Gutenberg is fine.

Hey, here’s how to enable border in Gutenberg (as well as padding, margin, border radius, etc).

Since Gutenberg is a rapidly being developed, you can install their Gutenberg plugin, but be warned that some features may not make it into core etc.

Right now, you can “opt-in” to enable what features you’d like, without using the Gutenberg Plugin, through add_theme_support().

It seems they changed the Documentation… and it was actually pretty hard to find.

Inside your functions.php, you simply go:


Not all Gutenberg Blocks support border… so click on something like an Image block, then you should see border, border radius, etc.

For more add_theme_support options to enable Gutenberg features, you can view this link (make sure to scroll down to the table):

In case the link breaks or changes, I will also share a screenshot of the table they have for what options are available:

You can simply copy/paste this into functions.php (you can choose what ones you want to include):

add_theme_support('border'); // border
add_theme_support('appearance-tools'); // margin (and things like border styling?)
add_theme_support('custom-spacing'); // padding

Read the link above, as appearance tools seems to do things like:

  • background: backgroundImage, backgroundSize
  • border: color, radius, style, width
  • color: link
  • dimensions: aspectRatio, minHeight
  • position: sticky
  • spacing: blockGap, margin, padding
  • typography: lineHeight

This will ensure you can have these Gutenberg Block features enabled, whether you use Bricks Builder or not :slight_smile:

I also agree it is wisest to write your blog posts in Gutenberg, and keep your page builder for the styling :+1:

I also wanted to add… eventually basic things like borders will be added into Gutenberg, so wasting Dev time for Bricks team I don’t think is worth it, as there’s already these easy WordPress core add_theme_support options… which will probably eventually be deprecated due to Gutenberg’s rapid development pace…


Hi everyone,

We have received similar requests and have created an internal ticket to review which features should be enabled by default when Bricks is activated.