WIP: Google fonts is used in the builder even when don't use google fonts is enabled

Bricks Version: 1.6.1
Browser: all
OS: all
URL: all bricks websites in the world :wink:

This line is loaded in the builder
link rel=“stylesheet” id=“bricks-builder-fonts-css” href=“https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Inter:400,500,600,700&display=swap” media=“all”
Even with diable google fonts actif.
Please locally load these fonts . I do not need google tracking we when i use bricks as an admin. :wink:

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Hello Johan,

Bricks only loads fonts from Google when they are actually used.

It’s likely you used the Inter font somewhere on your page. If you could share a url to your specific site, it would help us identify where it’s being used.

Found it , Bricksforge probably did that , i disabled the addon , and then the line was gone , after enabling again it did’t return
Next time
I first need to disable google fonts before activating any other plugins.

The Inter fonts is loaded by the admin page of Bricks.
Can you please make sure the fonts is loaded from the local webserver and not from google.
No clue why the error went away after loading addon plugins for bricks .
If you want i can send a login info for this site

found other places where google fonts are used in builder.min.css
font-family:Consolas,monaco,Courier New,monospace;
font-family:Menlo,Consolas,DejaVu Sans Mono,monospace;

Hi Johan,
Thanks so much for your report!

You’re right. We’ll change it soon and include “Inter” locally, which is definitely the better option.
The remaining font families are only mentioned in the styles, but not loaded via google.

Best regards,


locally as variable font? this would be very nice!

@timmse I have a similar issue - I have uploaded the font as a custom font and disabled google fonts in bricks settings but font still loads from google api. Not related to BricksForge as I’m not using that. Is this the same bug or shall I create a separate bug report?

Interestingly I was able to stop another google font loading for a styled element using the same method, but the font applied sitewide in Bricks’ Theme settings is the issue still.

Hey, I can’t reproduce this. Can you send me access data and tell me exactly where I can see the problem?

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Heres the page, will send login details in dm


You are including the google fonts by yourself in the “forest-retreats-footer-main” template :wink:

I have already seen on the frontend that the request can’t come from Bricks because the link tag would have an ID otherwise and we are currently still requesting the fonts via v1 of the google fonts API, not v2 (you can see by “css2” = v2 in the URL).

Have a nice weekend :v:

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Very weird! I didn’t put those there…

Many thanks for finding the issue!