WIP: Gallery and carousel image preview issues

Gallery and carousel images previews are different images and page getting hanged after clicking a thumbnail
Please check and advise a solution.
https://ssrmedias.com/ (same issue for carousel too)

Bricks Version: 1.1.4
Browser: Chrome 90
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.
URL: (a link to a page that illustrates the issue would be really helpful)

[Please describe in as much detail as possible how we can replicate this bug]

Bricks Version: 1.3.4

Tabs + Gallery: Confirmed.

The Galleries inside the tabs element behave like one huge gallery and not as “standalone” galleries (like if you place multiple gallery elements on a page), which leads to the issue i guess.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create at least two Section Templates with a Gallery Element (link to lightbox)
  2. Add a Tabs Element to a Post or Page
  3. Insert the Template Shortcodes created before to the content field (Tab 1 > Template 1, Tab 2 > Template 2)

Carousel > Media (link to lightbox): Confirmed

The item index calculation is wrong. I added 8 images to the carousel testwise, the index shows 1/24, so the duplicated swiper items seem to be included.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a carousel Element
  2. Add multiple images
  3. Scroll through (there will be blank items) / check the index

And yes, sometimes it´s not possibly anymore to open another item, if the lightbox have been opened before.


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The same steps followed on these pages, but it is not working as expected. moreover Masonry view not working since second tabs.

Hello @manikantanpg and @timmse,

Thank you for the details provided in this bug report. Both bugs are in our development backlog to be fixed.

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