WIP: Font weights aren't all loaded (via google fonts)

  • It seems that the bolder fonts aren’t loaded even when the number is set high

  • I also get a different editor vs FE display of font weights too (however, incognito matches the editor - which is incorrect too - as I’ve chosen a 700-900 font and it’s displaying a 500-600)

I assume all of these issues are due to not all font weights are loaded atm

Hi Dean,

Thanks for your report!

As you can see in the google specs for DM Sans, there are only three weights available:
400, 500, and 700. So 300, 600, 800, and 900 won’t affect. I did a short screen recording about this: https://vimeo.com/679432145/2bc77f5606

The only problem/bug we have (sometimes) is that the font-weights won’t update accordingly. I did some more tests with other google fonts that seem to show the available weights correctly, but I’ve added it to our bug tracker to investigate a bit more.

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My problem was a little different, but I found out what’s causing the issue I was referring to:

Hi Dean,

I’ve added this to the font-weight task as well, as it is somehow related.

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Hello. It seems like I watching the same issue.

@Deanphillips could you please check the next thing:

  1. Select Heading element
  2. Set the font family individually for the element. That’s important
  3. Choose the needed font weight

If you have the same bug as me, then this should work. If this is confirmed, then I will explain the problem to the developer on my part.