WIP: Empty Html Element isnt rendered in DOM

I added a paragraph element to a flex container and deleted all content inside of it. I gave it a width and a height and a background-color. The element got rendered in builder but not in the DOM.
Before it got displayed.

Hi Tobias,
Thanks so much for your report!

What do you mean by “paragraph element”?
Can you explain the problem to me in a short screencast so that I can reproduce it if necessary?

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yeah sure. Here is the Video: konvey

Hey Tobias,

out of interest: why are you using an empty text element instead of a div?



Thanks a lot for the video!
The behavior is not consistent (and a bit weird), so I added it to the bug tracker.

But yes, André’s question is valid: why don’t you just use a div element?

I performed maintenance for a client and noticed an issue: suddenly, elements were missing from the website. In general, for such a use case, I would also opt for a div container. :slight_smile: