WIP: Dynamic Data: Human readable time difference

Post_date or post_time isn’t sufficient for some blogs. Here it would be nice if we could display “2 hours ago” or “3 days ago” as published date. Actually you can change the output of get_date() with a filter, but strangely this does not work with bricksbuilder. Also “MEKS time ago” plugin has no effect.

Hi RB,

Welcome to the forum and thanks so much for the suggestion!
Unfortunately, our dynamic data logic doesn’t provide a hook for this yet, but we’ve decided to implement it in one of the following versions.

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That’s why you guys are so great!!! Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to upcoming versions :slight_smile:

@timmse I think this can be marked as solved. Changelog – Bricks (bricksbuilder.io)