WIP: Duplicate feature

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  1. The new option to duplicate pages and CPTs in Bricks rather than Wordpress is extremely confusing. If you go and view pages, there is a Duplicate (Bricks) command. If you go and look at any CPT, each record has a Duplicate and a Duplicate (Wordpress) option. To me, the Duplicate (Wordpress) option would suggest you are duplicating it in Wordpress and not Bricks. The only way you can tell that this would actually duplicate the content in Bricks is by hovering over the option and you see action=bricks_duplicate_content. Surely this option should be labelled Duplicate (Bricks) to make it obvious? Admins might get this but not normal users and I can see things getting duplicated incorrectly.

  2. The new duplicate command appears everywhere even in CPTs that make no sense for it to be there. For example, I use Events Manager (EM) to manage events and each event has the Duplicate and Duplicate (Wordpress) options (which is where I first saw this new option today and initially had no idea which one to pick). There is no point in the command being there as events should only be duplicated by EM so they are linked properly. I have no idea what the ramifications are if users start choosing the wrong duplicate option to quickly create new events.

EDIT: I’ve just noticed that the Duplicate (Wordpress) option also appears for any record in Metabox.

Please give us a way urgently to turn the new duplicate option off completely and also on a CPT basis. If necessary just make it an administrator role only function or allow us to specify which roles have access to it.

Bricks is only adding one duplicate link to each post.

It will say ‘Duplicate (Bricks)’ if the content for that post is inside of Bricks, and will say ‘Duplicate (WordPress)’ if there’s no Bricks data in that post, and so you’re duplicating the regular post content.

In both cases, it’s Bricks doing the duplicating. It’s just about which data is being copied, Bricks data or WP post data.

If you go and look at any CPT, each record has a Duplicate and a Duplicate (Wordpress)”. - you’ve probably got another plugin adding the other duplicate option, this won’t be coming from Bricks. There should only be one link per post, either Duplicate (Bricks) or Duplicate (WordPress) depending on the content of that post.

Thanks for the reply.

So if I understand you correctly, Duplicate (Wordpress) simply duplicates the post within Wordpress with no underlying use of Bricks IDs or links to Bricks in any way - it really is just a straight duplicate option. Similarly, Duplicate (Bricks) is only present on things previously edited in Bricks (like pages) and duplicates them ensuring all element IDs are correctly generated. If this is the case, I can understand Duplicate (Bricks) being added, but why Duplicate (Wordpress) as it simply adds confusion on posts created in CPTs managed by 3rd party plugins that already have a duplicate command.

The problem is I don’t want any user to be able to duplicate content except where 3rd party plugins like Events Manager have their own Duplicate button. Currently the Duplicate commands are available to any user who has post creation rights.

I’ve found a bit of php that I modified to hide the two commands as follows:

It seems to work OK.

Hi Simon,

The “Duplicate” feature was introduced for a good reason. Namely, it ensures that Bricks element IDs are regenerated correctly, which was often not the case with third-party plugins and, therefore, led to problems.

While we were at it, we also introduced the “duplicate” feature for WordPress posts/pages, so no plugin is required for duplication.

We have discussed the issue internally and will introduce a setting for this in future:

  • Disable globally (disables the duplicate feature everywhere)
  • Disable for WordPress data (then the duplicate link only shows for Bricks-built pages, templates, …)

We also extend the logic so that the duplicate link is not displayed in ACF or Metabox (technically, these are only custom post types - which is why the link is also visible there), as these plugins usually already have their own “duplicate” feature.

Hi Stefan,

Many thanks for the reply. Understand the Duplicate (Bricks) command and fully appreciate why you added a Duplicate (Wordpress) option to reduce the number of plugins but it did cause some confusion as shown in the screenshot below from Events Manager which has its own Duplicate as mentioned before:

Thanks for agreeing to add an option to disable this in various ways.