WIP: Divider Icon Position Left issue

Bricks Version: 1.3.7-Beta
Browser: Chrome 96.x
OS: Win10
URL: Demo site

When entering a divider that contains an icon and positioning the icon ‘left’, it doesn’t move to the beginning of the line, but rather just to the left of the ‘center’ break of the line where it would be if 'centered.

I couldn’t upload all the images to show the issue, but hopefully the above makes sense.

Hi Lyle,

Sorry for the late reply, and thanks a lot for your report!
Honestly, I don’t quite get the problem :sweat_smile: Just tested this, and it seems to behave as I would expect it to :thinking:

Probably a screenshot (or a quick screen recording) that shows your settings and the canvas would be super helpful!

Best regards,

This should show what it does…

Center and Right work as expected.

Hi Lyle,

sorry for the late reply and thanks a lot for the screenshots!
Somehow my drafted answer got lost…

I was able to reproduce the problem and added it to our bug tracker. Will be fixed in the 1.3.7 stable :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Thanks for the response Stefan.