WIP: Delete the div containing header + main + footer (#brx-wrap)


I was having look at the bricks academy source because I knew that was updated to v1.4.
I seen this structure:
–div id=“brx-wrap”

Do we really need this brx-wrap?

I ask it in this update because is now when bricks team is trying to reduce the divs.

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By the way, also remove header, main and footer, which we can’t style, and leave us use containers and tags to create them if we need :wink:
Or allow us to add classes to style them?

And if you need a boxed layout, you can do it with body:

html {
	background-color: var(--html-bg);
body {
	background-color: var(--body-bg);
	max-width: var(--body-width);
	margin: 0 auto;
	border, box-shadow: bla bla bla...

I think that the other tags are created when you choose that the element is footer/header… in templates options
Personally I cannot see the adventage.
For the people that have no idea of html and that they use bricks, I think that is nice that bricks hold this tags.
Just thinking in loud

I agree that it is nice for beginners and actually for most people for it is very standard, so maybe:

  • include header/main/footer as containers in the builder so that we can use styling
  • remove delete button
  • remove tag selection

Or simply add an option in settings to include or remove them, maybe this is more simple to handle. Then those who have more developper profile can disable them and create them from scratch with containers that can be styled.

The option to can change the tag is the point.
Bricks handle that for us but the ones that we want to change it we can do it.
Because how is workin now, I cannot see the best way to do it.

And to put back the focus in the point of this entry, erase the div that handle the other ones could be nice!

I would love to see an html that looks as if we was coding from scratch. :grin:

That’s what I like with Oxygen Builder where you can create a template with only native HTML tags and no complex elements or extra divs.


Maybe it helps to make full width or boxed layout.

But like @yankiara said before, can be did it with html or body tag

Oh yes…true. Can do that with body too.

I would like that @thomas have a look on that to know the opinion of bricks team

(I hope is ok to tag him)

@marcorubiol Welcome to the forum :wave: And great timing to ask about the #brx-wrap

There was quite some additional logic attached to the #brx-wrap which I why I originally planned to remove in 1.4.1. Things related to the “boxed” site layout, sticky header and vertical headers (left/right).

But I’ve made this change now. So #brx-wrap will be removed in 1.4.

@yankiara Manually having to create an outermost container and setting the header, main, and footer tags + IDs opens the door for potential issues. Especially in regards to template-specific settings like the sticky header or vertical headers. Which is why we add them by default. Also, to ensure non-Bricks rendered pages inherit all relevant default styles.


Nice to hear that was already planned.
Nice to hear that will be there in 1.4
Thanks !

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@timmse Please mark it as solved. Changelog – Bricks (bricksbuilder.io)