WIP: Custom CSS: First Click Cursor blinks but can't write

Bricks Version: 1.3.6
Browser: Chrome 98.0.4745.0 / Opera 83.0.4253.0
OS: Windows 11
URL: Backend / Editor

When I click on Styles > CSS > Textarea of Custom CSS of any Element, the textarea expends to the bottom (and sometimes to the right) and the cursor blinks once.
Normally you would expect to be able to start writing but you always have to click the textarea again to focus it and to be able to start “coding”.


Hi Flex,

Thank you for your report! I can confirm this (strange) behavior and added it to our internal bug tracker. We’ll fix it soon.

Best regards,

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This one is also really bugging me. Here’s a video of it in action: Dropbox - no-cursor.mov - Simplify your life

This is thankfully fixed in Version 1.3.7

More infos here: