WIP: Comment not show - widget Comments

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.
URL: Link to a page that illustrates this issue
Video: Short screen recording that illustrates this issue (free tool: jam.dev)

if disable setting : COOKIE CONSENT

url after send site/page/?unapproved=26160&moderation-hash=0fc5af04ef0c7fe58c07e97d5979ee32#comment-26160

if enable setting : COOKIE CONSENT

my url - site/page/#comment-26160

What is written above turned out to be WordPress behavior. But now it’s definitely a mistake. Checked!
If theme Bricks is enabled, the verification message is not displayed. Displayed in standard themes.

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Hi @clickfusion63,

I either didn’t understand your report or I was unable to replicate your issue.

I created a single template with a comments element and then created a user with the role “subscriber” and I can see the “notice” when I submit a comment:

I tried the same thing with the default WordPress 2024 theme and got the same result. Is there something I’m missing here?

That’s the problem. If you do not create a “Subscriber” user, the message does not appear.

I’m not sure I’m following. What user role are you testing this with?

no roles. The user is not logged in and is not required to log in to comment.

Hi @clickfusion63,

I just noticed that this report fell through the cracks, sorry about that! I was able to recreate the issue with logged-out users and added this to our internal bug tracker.

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