WIP: Clearing styles inside pop-up closes the pop-up

Bricks Version: 1.3.6
Browser: Edge Version 96.0.1054.62 (Official build) (64-bit)
OS: Windows
URL: https://try.bricksbuilder.io/t59050bf/?bricks=run

While clearing a style inside a “pop-up” (not sure what to call these :slight_smile: ) it will close the pop-up as well, which is not expected and requires additional clicks to reopen. More so, if there are nested “pop-ups”, it’s even more frustrating.

Hi Cristian,

Well, this is a bit tricky because it depends on what you’re going for. What do you want to do after clearing out the values?

Let say you want to clear out one of the values. Closing the popup afterward is fine, I guess. Otherwise, you would override the values with other values instead of clearing them beforehand, right?

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Hello @timmse ,

I would expect that the popup stays open after clearing one style as there are usually a lot more options/styles in there that I am also editing and most usually I need to take another look at.

Say for example a Typography popup that has a lot of such sub-options. When I clear one of them, I want the pop-up to always stay open as there are other options in there that I need to take a look at before closing it.

I would only expect the popup to close when I clear the MAIN style, in my typography example, when I press the X button on the main typograhpy menu that openend the popup in the first place.

Here is a screenshot of a typography window. Say I need to clear the Alignment style, then I want to have a look at what other options are left here not auto-close this popup.

Hope I explained this well enough :smiley:

Hi, yes, now it’s crystal-clear and I understand what you mean.
I’ll add this as an improvement to your todo list (and change the category to feature requests / improvements, as it is more an improvement than a bug).

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