WIP: Can't increment down past 1 in numeric fields

Small bug in 1.3.7, I don’t remember if it was present in 1.3.6 or not.

When changing numeric field values with the arrow keys (to increment or decrement the value in the field), you can’t go lower than 1. If you you need a value of 0 or a negative, you have to use the keyboard.

Hi Eric,

thank you so much for your report! I was able to reproduce the issue with a couple of fields listed below. If you encounter this on more fields, feel free to extend the list.

  • Padding: stops at 1, should go down to 0
  • Position top / left / bottom / right stops at 1, should allow negative values
  • All width and height settings should allow 0
  • Border width & radius should allow 0
  • Transform: rotate + skew should allow 0 (and the default unit should be degrees, not px)

Best regards,

Here’s another one: SVG height and width fields have a max. of 10 when the units are rem (when using arrow keys to scroll up.)