WIP: Builder bug (strange grey square)

Bricks Version: 1.3.4
Browser: Edge
OS: Windows
URL: https://dinamo.network/

Hey there,
i noticed that when i add a new (first level) container a grey sqaure appear at the bottom of the canva. Then if i reload the canva everything return ok but it’s a bit annoying :slight_smile:
This happens to me on differnt sites with different host so i think is a bricks’ bug. Please give it a look

Screenshot bug — ImgBB


Just to be precise, the glitch doesn’t disappear reloading the canva, i have to reload the entire builder page.

I’m also on Edge but can’t see any gray square on canvas… Tried several times on new pages…

Hello @tenentecartina

For some reason I’m not able to see the screenshot attached. I’m also no able to reproduce the issue. Could you please send us one email to help@bricksbuilder.io with temporary login credentials to the WordPress dashboard so we could check your installation?

Thank you.

Now it is clear and I was able to reproduce it on my own installation. This happens when you navigate using the structure panel from root container to root container. The canvas scrolls automatically and for the last root container, it pulls the canvas wrapper up, showing the grey area. If you press on another root container it fixes it, but if you try scrolling before doing that, you can’t hide the grey area.

We’ll investigate and try to fix this. Meanwhile, to hide the grey area again, instead of reloading the canvas, just press on another root container (in the structure panel) so that the canvas adjusts back again.