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WIP: Bricks Bug Report Post Content Element

I have created a template with the full width of the post content element [Data source bricks] which fits edge-to-edge on the laptop screen.

Now, I am designing a post in this post I will use different positions of containers and sizes but due to a bug, it is not happening all layouts are not following the positions of containers that I set.

Containers settings not working at all according to what I set them.

In oxygen it was not an issue, I moved this site from oxygen to bricks.

I have given my login data to support @luistinygod

Video: Screen Recording 2021-11-18...

Bricks Version: 1.3.6

Hello Achal,

Thank you for letting us know about this bug. We’re still looking into this issue to provide a final fix in the coming release.

Meanwhile, we suggest the use of the following custom code in the Post Content element > Style > CSS > Custom CSS:

root {
   display: contents;
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I want to use different sizes of containers, like:

  1. Paragraph text: 770 px container - text is center

  2. Headings like H1, H2, etc. – 1100 Px container -text is center

  3. Image between post - container 1100 px - image is center

  4. Table - table size in container 1100 px - table is center.

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Hi Achal,

can you please limit your requests to one channel?
Either by mail, or in the forum. Both will only lead to confusion (on our and your side). Btw., Facebook is not an official support channel. Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:

Luis has already proposed a solution that will probably be included in the next version and solves your problem in the meantime when adding the custom css to your post content element, including different container sizes.

I recreated your request and as you can see in my screenshots: it works fine with Luis solution.

Builder when editing a bricks post:




@timmse Thanks for the update. Hope to get this fix soon. I think post content element people will use on templates so it should work like Oxygen’s inner content element [just for an example], this means the element is just like a placeholder which will display post and our designing of the post should be as it is and the posts content element should not limit the page design capabilities. It should just display the post like how we design it freely.

Yes, I have deleted my post from Facebook, I was not aware of it, Sorry for that.

yes you are absolutely right that it should behave like that, and that´s why we suggested adding

root {
  display: contents;

now, because as a result of our tests, it does the trick and your elements will behave as you want them to.

Have a nice weekend!