WIP: Body text shouldn't have color set by default

This is the same as the headings issue that I posted here which was resolved: [SOLVED] Headings shouldn't have colors set by default

Body text is given a color when no color is chosen in the global theme settings:

This provides no benefit to users and causes issues with base stylesheets and frameworks that set the website’s body color.


Came across this whilst trying to apply a text colour from acss - very confusing to have a default forced.

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Hi Kevin,
Thanks for reaching out!

True, we removed the default color from the headings. There was no mention of the body at the time; accordingly, we didn’t change anything about it.

However, you are right that the default body color is just as redundant as the one on the headings. I’ve added it to our to-do list.

Best regards,


Thank you! Appreciate it!