WIP: Animated Type in popup begins on pageload not popup load

Browser: Chrome 113
OS: Windows
URL: private staging area
Video: not using these browser extensions for security reasons

I don’t know if this is a bug or I have just failed to solve it.

I have animated typing set up in a pop-up template. It seems a bit buggy as I can get it to work in one popup but not another though there seems to be no reason why (in one it only displays the static part of the text.) However, in the one that ‘works’ the animation begins on pageload rather than popup load. This would be fine for a looped animation but mine is not looped. Since the popup opens on button press rather than pageload, by the time the button is pressed and the popup is viewed, the animation of the type is already partially or fully complete.

I have tried setting the animated text do “display: none” or “visibility: hidden” to start and altering these to “display: block” or “visibility: visible” on a basic interaction on the page, as well as in the popup template itself through the interactions of “show popup” or “content loaded” with no luck anywhere.

If I’m missing something and anyone knows how to solve this please help. If its a bug happy to provide more information if needed to the extent that I can. Thank you!

Thanks so much for your report!

I was able to reproduce the issue and added it to our bug tracker.
Currently, there is no connection between the animated typing JS and the popup execution. Let’s see what we can do.

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Okay wonderful. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Lol. After moving from section to popups to avoid the issue with reappearance after slideout WAIT: Section Template reappears after Slide Out I’ve just realized that the area which acts as the “background” to the popup appears not to be able to do interactions (ie. click on some element on the page which isn’t the popup and have an interaction run) while the popup is open so I’m having to switch back to sections and try and get those working with the slide in as you suggested.

In the process I noticed that this behavior of the animated type beginning/completing before the template is visible also applies to section templates in the same way it does to popups.

Can you show and explain this in a quick screencast? I think it would be much easier to understand when I see it :slight_smile:

Sure–I can take a video with my phone. It’s a work in progress site which I’d prefer to email you the video for. Where should I send it?

Either via private message or to help@bricksbuilder.io :v:

Okay, sorry for the wait. I have just sent an email to help@bricksbuilder.io with two videos and the subject line: “Video of Broken Interaction.” Let me know if you did not receive them! Hopefully that helps explain. Let me know if I can clarify at all or you need anything else. There is a narration so if you watch with sound it will be clearer what I’m talking about.