WIP: AJAX pagination does not respect Polylang post language when new query filters feature is activated

On a multilingual website built with Polylang, the new query filters feature in Bricks 1.9.6 conflicts with the «Enable AJAX» option in the pagination element: As soon as the website visitor clicks on the pagination element for the first time, posts of all languages becom visible (instead of only posts of the current language).

a) Turn «Query Filters» OFF in Bricks » General » Settings
b) Turn «Enable AJAX» OFF in the pagination element

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Hi @martin.sauter,

Thank you for reporting this :slight_smile: I have added this to our internal bug tracker to tackle. This also affects other AJAX filters like live search.

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So any news abt this problem

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Hi, i’m experiencing same issue in the live search with or without pagination: when i search by word im getting posts in spanish (right) but in portugues too (wrong).


Same to me if enable ajax Load more function same but from Bricks no answer if will fix it or not and when if I will need to wait months than I mus move to another page builder very disapointed with support

Hi @Richi,

Just like I replied to you over email 5 days ago, the issue you’re facing is related to this ticket and is marked as “WIP” which means it’s a “work-in-progress”. I specifically stated that it was indeed a bug that we’ll fix and that an internal ticket was assigned to it. The report on this thread is unrelated to the bug you’re facing.

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Comon is Ajax and Polylang for my problem and here If Filters , search or Load more is same problem if disabling ajax and have normal pagination all works good

Query Sort/Filter is a new feature in its experimental state. It’s a separate situation; the fix could possibly be the same, but nonetheless, both are marked as ‘WIP’.

so new update and fix nothing my question is I am not more happy with Bricks and want sell my licence how I can do it support is to slow sorry I going back to elementor

I do have the same issue. When I enable the new query filtering/search feature flag in the settings the AJAX pagination stops working correctly and starts loading all the products instead of the original products that belong to the current query. When I disable the feature flag in the settings and keep the AJAX mode for pagination, everything works as should be. So it should be an issue within the new filter/search functionality.

I hope we see a fix for all Polylang issues with the next update. That search result issue is a pita and now over half a year or more not resolved…