WIP: Add ability to copy styles from ID

Currently, there’s a command to copy styles from a class. The implementation of this, along with the accompanying Paste styles command is near perfect. However, it misses one use case that I think is the most important.

Often I start styling an element and only later determine that I will need to use the styles on other elements so I need the same styles that i just applied to the ID for a class instead. But there’s no way to copy the styles from an ID—only from a class.

Can you add the ability to copy the styles from an ID as well?


Hi Eric,

If you add styles to an ID, you can right-click on the element and choose “copy styles”. This will copy all styles applied to the ID. Then, you can insert them on another element ID with right-click “paste styles”.

Currently, only the ID styles will be copied, and it is impossible to paste the ID styles into a class. Also, when copying styles from an element (with right-click), the attached classes won’t be copied – but we already have a task on our todo list to improve this.

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What I’m asking for is extending the features just a bit more—you’re already 80% of the way there. This would address my use case (after styling an ID, wanting instead the previously applied styles to be a class). Specifically, making this:

it is impossible to paste the ID styles into a class

into this:

it is possible to paste the ID styles into a class

Currently, I can right-click an element in the preview pane and select “Copy styles”. Then I can create a new global class and apply it to the element. In the ID/class dropdown int he properties pane, I can hover over the class and click the icon for “Paste styles”…but is responds with “no styles to paste”. I JUST copied styles from the ID. If I could just paste those styles into the class, I could then reset the IS styles and…DONE!

Currently, after setting a dozen different styles for an ID, if I want those styles to be a class, after creating the class I have to set each of the dozen styles for the class individually, AGAIN. Major time-sucker.

That was actually exactly what I wanted to say. Sorry if I have not made myself clear enough :smiley:
The “paste to class” functionality is part of the “copy classes as well” functionality in our internal task.

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