WIP: ACF Relation field for mail form

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS

Hey there,
I set up the following scenario:

  • I have a course overview page on which you can select a course - set up as a CPT with custom fields. Selecting a course opens a modal with further information.
  • Linked to each course is one instructor, which is a CPT as well, via an ACF relation.
  • Within that modal (holds info of the course fields) I have a query set to an ACF relation, so I can read out the instructors’ information like name and mail address.
  • This fully works: I can output the name and the mail of the instructor.

Now, my issue: I tried to add a bricks form to the query, so I can send mails directly to the instructor of the course - see screenshot. But the mails are not being sent to the instructor but to the admin mail, like the mail address would not be accessible/readable.

Any ideas? I tried setting up the custom field as text and mail field.

Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-25 um 10.27.30

Does someone know a solution or can replicate my problem?

Hi @Seb,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Could you please try adding that dynamic data tag to a text element and see what’s rendered to make sure that the email is available on that page? if the field renders then please send us temporary admin access to help@bricksbuilder.io to investigate further.

Thanks for your reply!
Sent you a login.

When I add the data to a text element, it is correctly rendered. Once I send the mail it is send to the admin mail.

PS: the site is partially in German. I tried to translate some things.

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Hi @Seb,

Thanks a lot for sharing access. I replicated your setup locally and was able to reproduce the bug. I have added this to our internal bug tracker :slight_smile:

You’re welcome and thank you! I look forward to using it :slight_smile:

is that already solved? i have the same issue, i use 1.9.8 i also want to use a acf data for a email adress
BUT here the form is used in a popup, some things work, like headeline (vorname) (nachname)
And i use that in a Loop element. ( about 20 people are listed with mail an i would like everyone has its own web form)
I also tried t ad a form to every person with no popup, does also not work.
It also does not render the mail into “mail Content”

i can not use dynamic data for some other things like Form name or “thank you” Message
Thank you messagte:
Sent forms:

I just tried some things…
It works when u use it on a single page with no loop element.
So the loop element seems to have a problem with it.

Unfortunately, the task is still in progress @nafetS . As soon as it’s fixed, we’ll update this thread and change the title prefix from “WIP” (work in progress) to “SOLVED” :v:

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Ok, thank you. In the meantime I can read very well with the other solution :slight_smile: