WIP: 1.4RC: Nested Loops querying through posts

Just to clarify. Is the new ability to nest query-loops intended to work with another WP_Query inside of it? Because if I use it to nest some wp_queries it destroys the parent query and it outputs anything.

I think that it’s only ment for using it with MB Groups and ACF Repeater, but I thought I ask to clarify things! :wink:



Hello @wolfgang

You can nest different query loops, for sure nested ACF Repeaters or MB groups, but I realised we are still not covering nesting WP_Query queries. I’ll add it to our development board.

Thank you


Is there a possibility to get nested WP queries to work?

Hey Sebastian,
currently not. We’re still working on it.

Best regards,

Thanks for your answer! Great to hear that you are working on this feature :slight_smile:
I have no rush, but looking forward to move the site to bricks once the feature is released.