WAIT: Problem with my accordion questions/answers

Browser: Chrome 110, Safari and phone…
OS: macOS / iPhone
URL: Link to a page that illustrates this issue

Hello Everyone!

I have a problem with my accordion. I made a FAQ with accordion and the questions/answers doesn’t work when I look the result in navigators. In my builder/back office, everything is OK, I see the result that I want… But not in the website. :person_shrugging:
I saved my work a lot of times and when I go back to my back office, I lose my work despite of saves… I don’t understand why, can you please help me ?

I retried 4 times, with the 2 versions of accordions available, and it’s always the same result.

Thank you so much :upside_down_face:
(Sorry for my English, I hope everything is clear… :face_with_peeking_eye: )

how did you setup in editor show the editor setup screenshot.

Hi @ThomasAP,

Could you please share a screenshot of the missing questions/answers in the builder? and when you save do you see any console or network errors in your browser’s dev tools?