WAIT: JetEngine Code Sign Incompatibility

I have a problem with the new Code Sign security feature.

When creating a “Listing Item” post type (Created by JetEngine), and then I insert a code element into the Builder, everything looks and works ok. I can preview in the frontend and it renders as it should.

The problem arises when I insert that “Listing Item” into another Bricks Template using the JetEngine “Listing Grid” element. I get the “Invalid Signature” error, despite the Code being Signed:

CleanShot 2024-04-01 at 10.17.59@2x

If I Reload Canvas, the Invalid signature error sometimes disappears and my code element is rendered, but under no circumstance is the code element rendered on the frontend. What’s the problem?

Thanks so much for your report!

Would you be so kind as to send temporary login credentials, a link to this thread, and a screencast using https://jam.dev showing and explaining the setup so it’s easier to follow what the “JE Listing Grid” does (it is relatively difficult to keep track of all the JE extensions/features) to help@bricksbuilder.io using the email address you used during the purchase?

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