WAIT: Image height issue in safari

Browser: safari
OS: macOS
URL: beta.bollyworks.com
Video: https://www.berrycast.com/conversations/87f7ab73-6be2-5a83-b524-b8693a6a9d05
I have an absolute positioned Logo and it renders fine on chrome. But on safari, the height:100% that comes from the frontend.css stretches to screen height.
Could this be a bug?


Not sure if you were asking for a solution or just reporting as a bug, but the solution is to set the height to ‘auto’ on the logo element.

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Thanks David. I did try the auto height thing but was thinking this is a bug, given that it does not work on Safari.

Hi Karthik,
Thanks so much for your report!

The default image height is needed in some places. The problem with defaults is that there are also cases where they cause problems. In this case, however, the “fix” is more than simple and the problem only occurs in Safari - all other browsers handle the case without problems as far as I can see. Without the default height, we would have problems in all other browsers in significantly more places.

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