WAIT: Custom element classes disappear upon inserting template

Bricks Version: 1.3.7
Browser: Brave 1.36.117
OS: macOS 10.15.7
URL: not a front end issue

[Please describe in as much detail as possible how we can replicate this bug]

I’ve saved a Query Loop container as a template (with various containers and elements inside.
The outer loop container has a custom element class assigned (green dot), and 2 internal elements have custom element classes assigned (red dots).


When I insert the template to a page via the templates area, both of the red dot classes are gone… only the outer loop container’s custom class remains (the green dot).

However, if I add the template as a template element from the elements area, all 3 classes remain intact.

Hi Mick,
Thanks a lot for your report!

Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce the issue. Please take a look at this screen record: https://vimeo.com/690150080/de0f6e1dd7

Best regards,

I’ll try doing a video tomorrow and maybe there’s something you’ll spot that’s different.
Best, Mick

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That’s so weird…! I started making a video to show you what was going on, and I couldn’t reproduce it either! Seems to have fixed itself. Don’t quite understand how, because it was so consistently not working previously. But hey, happy that it’s fixed.

Hey Mick,
thanks for trying! Yeah, these bugs are hard to tackle if they are not reproducible.

If it happens again, please start the screen recorder instantly :slight_smile: