WAIT: Changes made in Themestyles globals settings not showing in Editor

Bricks Version: 1.6.2
Browser: Chrome 109.0.5414.75 (Officiel version) (64-bit)
OS: Windows 11
URL: Link N/A

If a color is set for an element under theme styles, and this color is deleted. Then any other color set for the element in theme styles will not show in the editor, it will work fine in the front-end, just not in the editor. I have only tested this with Heading elements.

  • I have flushed the cache
  • I have deleted the cookies
  • I have regenerated CSS

This is only happening in the editor, the correct colors are displayed on the front-end.

Here is a video: bricks global styles bug - YouTube

Hi @CYrus ,

Thank you very much for the video recording.
Unfortunately, I am not able to replicate the issue locally.
Could yo please help to provide a temp admin access and send it to help@bricksbuilder.io? Please also include this forum thread URL in your email as a reference as well.