Variable Products - table

Hi Bricksbuilders!
I would like to build a custom product page for variable products and display a table with all the variations available for a product as well as some ACF extra data for the corresponding variants as well as add to cart buttons. I tried to achieve this with the new loop query, but it seems like I can´t access this data - am i missing something? Maybe someone can point me into the right direction?
appreciate your help!

Currently the ACF support in the query loop builder is rather limited, as is the ACF field type support, what sort of extra ACF data are you wanting to include, what field types?

Dynamic Data – Bricks Academy - bottom of the page has the listing of currently support fields/objects -

Thank you for your reply! ACF is not the main concern. It is mainly about the loop builder. Can I access the product variants via the loop builder?

This is an example of what I would like to have: Woo Variations Table – WordPress plugin |
Or is there a way to use this plugin with bricks? Out of the box it is not working and I can´t find much in this forum or the documentation about 3rd party plugins.