V 1.9.8 status?

What is the current state of v1.9.8?

I read there were some bigger problems with v.1.9.8, so I have not updated my websites until now.

Due to other tasks meanwhile, I already forgot, which issues were, that I did not update…

Is there any fix in the queue that will be released soon?

It would be nice to have some more frequent updates from Bricks Team.

I also tried to get an update by reading here in the bricks forum, but I was not able what the current state is.

And there is AT 2.6 update available since yesterday, which needs v1.9.8.

Thank you in advance.

Hey @joachim.auster,

it would probably help the Bricks team a lot to know what “bigger problems” you are referring to specifically. I am using v1.9.8 on all of my sites without any issues.