Using Custom Icon Packs/Libraries

Problem: Porting an Elementor design into Bricks, that uses a custom icon pack created by the kit/template developer.
In the Elementor add-on plugin I’ve located font assets in the following formats: .css (for mapping), .eot, .svg and .ttf, which is how Bricks/assets/fonts/themify stores its pack…

In the Academy article: Icon Control it is not mentioned that importing your own icon pack is not possible.

I searched here in the forums about others working around this, haven’t found any viable solution.

I thought I’d explain my solution used in the end, while raising awareness to this post on the idea board

I don’t work too much with icon packs, but remembered that I had a tool on my Mac (I’m sure there are several open-source alternatives too), I found IconJar to be recently added to the SetApp library, I was able to import the SVG from the Elementor kit and then use the mentioned CSS to look up the icon (for some reason, not all SVG names appeared).

I wonder how others bridged this gap in Bricks!
I really thought Bricks would have this basic feature by now, but this solution works fine too, at least we have better control over the assets being used, however I dislike, how it fills up the media library, but I guess that’s what HappyFiles is for.

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