User Access - Giving Access - Video Included

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Using Chrome on a Macbook

I have included two videos to show what i mean about user access.

  1. Still. have the ability to drag and drop content on the canvas with the EDIT CONTENT option selected
    User Access on Profile Page

  2. Refined user access on the individuals pages are not working


I am also facing the same issues.

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Hi Diane,
Thanks so much for your report and the videos!

The Builder Access feature has actually been somewhat neglected in the past - which is certainly due to the number of other new features. We have already collected some points and will add your points to the list.

About the User Access on Profile Page video: In your example, it’s actually because the user is also an administrator. For another role like Contributor, you can use the setting in the user profile as an exception to grant rights to a specific user, but not to all users with the role Contributor.

Best regards,

@timmse What about editor user role? A user with editor user role is able to edit all the elments/add new on Bricks page editor. I have defined only content change access from bricks options yet the editor role is able to do everything!

Hi Omega,
yes, as I said:

We haven’t adjusted this yet due to the 1.4 rewrite, otherwise the work would have been unnecessary. But as I said: we have this on our radar and will take care of it soon.

Best regards,

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@timmse Was this issue fixed in 1.4?

No, the Builder Access feature was not changed/adapted in 1.4.