Unable to remove padding set in Themestyles from Container

Bricks Version: 1.4
Browser: Chrome Lates
OS: Win 11

Themestyles have 2.5 rem container padding left & right.

On page is a full-width root container with 2 inner containers also set to full width (this leaves a padding of 2.5rem on each side on the root container which is expected.

I want to remove the padding from the right side of the root container and I do this by entering 0 into the padding unit under right in the container controls >style > layout > padding 0 right

But it does not remove the padding.


Another instance is:

Full-width root container with .stretch class added to it. An inner container not set to full-width but with the 2.5rem padding left & right passed to it from the .stretch class. This overrides the padding set in the controls in the element panel and becomes non responsive to any inputs in the element padding controls.

It only affects padding left & right

Many thanks


Hi Michael,
Thank you for your report!

The problem arises from the higher specificity of .brx-container.root.stretch > .brx-container and can only be solved/worked around with the current container setup by custom CSS.

The container is slowly but surely reaching its limits here and there, which is why we are introducing alternatives to the container in the upcoming version, as announced by Thomas, which are much easier and more flexible to customize.

Best regards,

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Hey Stefan,

Thanks for the update.

I am just rebuilding my main site from 1.3.6 as was unable to update as we spoke about in PM’s previously. Could you let me know in the upcoming version If I build as per the process I use currently (container padding set in themestyles & .stretch used on FW containers) that the new version will fix the L&R padding in element specificity issue or would i need to rebuild again?

Many thanks


Hi Michael,
There is a way without custom CSS: you can style on the ID instead of a class. If you apply the padding to the inner container’s ID, it will override the brx-container.root.stretch > .brx-container padding.

What exactly are the changes in 1.4.1, I can’t say at this point. But I strongly expect that we will keep the container as it is (otherwise, many sites would break). As alternatives, the new elements will be more future-proof and cause fewer headaches than the container due to their simplicity.

So it’s up to you if you want to build your site now with the container or wait a couple of weeks until 1.4.1. If I were in your shoes, I would wait for the new elements :sunglasses:

Hi Stefan,

That’s perfect and super helpful thank you! I was only 5-10 pages in so I will destroy it and recreate a new staging for when the new elements arrive :+1:.

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