Typing an existing class name and pressing ENTER key does not add class to element

Bricks Version: 1.4beta

What am I doing wrong?

ENTER key displays class name correctly in input field, but class is not applied to element:

It works OK for a NEW class, though:

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Hi Yan,
you are not doing anything wrong. The functionality for this is not integrated yet.

Adding classes via Enter requires a bit more logic (checking if the class already exists) than assigning them consciously with a click.

So from my point of view it is not a bug, but rather an improvement. I am moving the thread accordingly.

Best regards,

@timmse, but it DOES work for a new class, so you must already be checking if the class exists somewhere :wink:

For me you just have to skip the class creation and simply assign it, it’s way easier than a new class!

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