Theme styles are reset?

Bricks Version:
Browser: Version 102.0.5005.115 (Offizieller Build)
URL: modusx . de

Sometimes when I add new templates, all my theme styles are reset.
This is extremely annoying! I have two different theme styles and I can’t click through all my templates and pages and add the theme styles back every time I create a new template.

Now I can’t add a style at all.

The site is live and I need a solution fast.


Have you set the conditions for those theme styles?

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The site has been live for a few weeks and I have had no problems with the style. Everything has worked. The error is only occurring now after I added a new template.

In the video I am only editing a page and not a template.

@cmstew thanks for your tip. Now i know what you are meaning.
I set the condition for header-template know and the header style is right know.

No problem!

Yeah, I had a similar problem last week. Took me awhile to find out that selecting a theme styles while editing a page doesn’t permanently set it for that page unless you set conditions that specifically say so.

It is a bit strange. I thought it was a bug too.

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@timmse A note can be added highlighting the above message?

Hey, directly above the theme styles is already a hint:
“Set condition(s) to apply selected theme style to your entire website or certain areas.”

This is also described in more detail in the Academy:

If I understood the problem correctly it was only due to not set/saved conditions, right? Can I mark the post as solved?

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@timmse I have no Probleme anymore but the Problem still exists.

I don’t think it’s normal for me to create a new template and have the Condition settings in another template (Head) deleted.

No one understands this and without @cmstew I would not have noticed it.

I’ve had this problem before and have always backed it up. In the future I know what the problem is. But probably more will encounter the problem.

Hey, can you provide the video so I can watch it without an access request? Maybe then I understand what it’s all about :sweat_smile: