Suggestions for improving my account builder

Hi bricks team,

Here are some suggestions to improve my account builder and I hope they will be added if possible.

1- Ability to disable navigation - This feature helps to have more flexibility in My account design. In this case, we can create navigation with other elements such as nav nestable. And many other scenarios that become possible by adding this option.
Now we can hide the navigation with css. But the thing is, the navigation will still remain in the DOM, and that’s not good.

2- Width control for navigation.

3- Height control for content - This is very important. Currently, the content section has a fixed height. But by using the height control, we can set the height to match the content (fit-content).

4- The possibility of customizing the border table in the Account - View order element. There are currently no border controls.

5- I don’t think it will be added, but a custom endpoint for WooCommerce would be an incredibly useful feature.