SOLVED: Var-Colors don't save permanently in Builder

Bricks Version: 1.5 beta
Browser: Firefox latest version
OS: macOS
Video-Link: Berrycast - Free Screen Recorder & Sharing Tool

Testing the new var-colors. It works as expected if added, but var-color gets lost (resets to default zero-color) as soon as the typography color icon is clicked again.

Please see video attached:


  • it’s not possible to copy the var-value which have been entered in the raw-field
  • a previously entered var-color does not show up again in raw-field. The raw field only shows “var-default”

Screenshot 2022-07-09 at 08.38.18

I’m having issues with the palette showing the colours in the editor panel, the colours work as they should on the canvas and on the frontend. Not sure if this requires a separate ticket?

Version: 1.5 beta

Hi Michael,
Thanks so much for your report and sorry for the late reply!

I tried to follow your video, but generally it is enormously difficult when the videos have no sound. It would be great if you explain what you are doing in the future, no matter how good or bad your English is. That would make it much easier to follow what you expect etc… Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:

And now to the problem: As far as I have seen, you have not edited and saved the respective color, but only entered the variable name. This is not saved automatically. Please have a look at this video from another thread, it might help:

@mikestott Welcome to the forum! Where and how did you define the colors?

Best regards,

Thanks … yes … since the video is a few days old, I already found out, that colors need to be saved :slight_smile: It’s a little bit “unusual”, but it works now for me.

Concerning videos:
Will do …

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Thank you!

Ah maybe I’m doing it wrong. I set up my variables in my custom CSS using the root pseudo class, and then in my Theme Styles I was just saving the RAW value.

So are you saying we need to set the HEX value and then edit the colour and then set the var property in the RAW option?

I just did it this way and it works. Seems odd we can just define the var in our custom CSS and then set the RAW value straight away? Rather than having to set the HEX again, then edit, then rename, then re-save?

What are your thoughts?

Hey Mike,
actually, you just have to enter the variable name and save it without even touching the actual color value:

Ok, yes this is great. For some reason, it’s not working with my child theme style.css file (which is where i keep my custom code). The stylesheet is enqueued properly, ive even just double checked it and cross referenced it in the academy, not to mention the other code in there is working.

Hi @timmse, any update on this?

Hey Mike,
In my current dev version, it works with variables from the child theme as well, with one last problem: the color preview is not displayed in the palette - but it can be saved as RAW value and reused. We’ll take another look at it.

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