[SOLVED] RC to RC2 breaks alignment for custom-width section

Bricks Version: 1.5 RC"
Browser: FF DEV
OS: Win 11

Theme styles:

Section element set at 1400px max width (prev 1400px width in RC)
Container element set at 1400px max width (prev 1400px width in RC)

All layout is left aligned (previously centred before the update), controls unresponsive or inaccurate to centre or stretch the content back.

Using fixed width seems to fix the stretch issue but not the left-aligned issues.

Please see video:

Many thanks


Hey Michael, to me, I don’t usually set a fixed width for sections. I just set it to the containers.

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@Michael Great catch!

I can confirm the issue. We’ll provide a fix in the 1.5-stable next week by adding margin-left: auto & margin-right: auto to the Section element (.brxe-section).

In the mean-time you can quickly add those auto margins yourself via the theme styles here:


Hi Thomas,

That’s great and fixes the centering issue but not the stretch issue.

Stretch is selected on both the header and hero section in the image below but is only taking 1400px max width

Hey Jornes, It’s a workaround that saves me from adding a class to each non-full-width section (container) to apply a gutter margin when the 3rd element was introduced. However with the intro of the 4th layout element, I am about to create a feature request that would make it more perfect which will explain more.


If you plan on using the section with your custom max-width of 1400px and you also want to allow for it to stretch, then I’d recommend setting the width to 1400px, instead of the max-width. That should work. The max-width for every Bricks element is automatically set to 100%. So even on viewports smaller than 1400px, the section shouldn’t overflow.