SOLVED: Query Loop Card Block without an Image

I want to just show cards like 5 cards wide with a custom query. The cards should have a title and except on them, so really just small. (2 Word Title and 5 Word Excerpt)

I can get the custom query and I can get the data, but I can’t get them to show as cards. I can get the title and the excerpt to show side by side too, but not together.

I’ve spent way to much time on this feeling so dumb.

It’s easier than you think but not at all obvious even after looking at the academy.

Create one container to hold the loop cards. Do not enable the query loop here. This is just used for styling really, if needed.
Drop another container inside it. This one you should enable the query loop. Set the posts per page to 5 in the query part.
Inside this second container add a Header element and use the dynamic tag for post title.
also inside the second container add an text block and use dynamic tag for post excerpt. Make sure Direction is set to vertical.

You should now see 5 cards with the post title above the excerpt. Style as needed.

Hope that helps

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You are my hero. You wouldn’t believe how long I tried to do that yesterday.