SOLVED: Layout of gallery. Backend and frontend not the same


Bottom of the page I have inserted a gallery.
The gallery have spacing between images and shadow.
Shows up fine in backend/preview, but nothing happens frontend.

This is a testsite, so no caching ex.
also I have regenerated css.

Bricks Version:

Hey Dan,
Thanks so much for your report!

Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce the issue.
Would you be so kind as to send temporary login credentials and a link to this thread to using the email address you used during the purchase?

Best regards,

Hey Dan,
Thanks so much for the login credentials!

You’re using the SCSS syntax within the custom CSS field, which isn’t supported, but already on the idea board: Ideas – Bricks

Currently, you can only use regular CSS, so something like this doesn’t work and breaks your CSS.

.container {
  div {

That’s why your gallery gap was not displayed. I have commented out the custom CSS, and now the gap works.

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