SOLVED: Insert multiple templates section inside the canvas

I’m trying to figure out how to add multiple template sections within the canvas. How can I do that?

The “plus button” in the bottom left corner of the container allows me to add an inner container.


Hi @lanzoni.nicola,

There is no way to insert multiple containers with a single click. You have to insert them one by one.

Hope that answers your question.

Thanks @ribarich for your contribution but that’s not what I meant or maybe my explanation was not clear.

Bricks allows me to create various templates that can be reusable within the website, including the ability to create various Section Templates (no Containers).

Let’s assume I’ve created two Section Templates: one for Hero Section and another for a Contact Form and I would like to place these two section templates within a Template page.

How can I do that?

Maybe this can help: on the top-right corner of the canvas there is folder icon. This will open the template library. You can insert as much as you need. Have a nice day.

Yessa @tole11 your suggestion helped me.


Hello @lanzoni.nicola

You may insert multiple templates using the Templates popup feature (top right button) or if you want to insert templates and keep them linked to the source template (if you change it, those changes will affect the places where you inserted) you could use the Template element.