SOLVED: How to target a string in the anim headline?

Hay ho

Just wondering what would be the best way to target one of the animation strings in the anime headline to change the font of one string.

I have the fonts set up in the theme styles is there anyway to tap into that? My concern is if I make a span class and add it that way will it make an extra call?

What would be considered best practice?

Thanks all

Went with Span class in the end.

Please note, font-family will not pick up the name of the google font or custom font and instead use the custom font post ID my example below:

.nerik-font {
font-family: custom_font_296, serif;
font-size: clamp(3.2rem, calc(3.2rem + ((1vw - 0.32rem) * 3.9815)), 7.5rem);