[SOLVED] Headings shouldn't have colors set by default

Bricks Version: 1.5 latest beta
OS: MacOs

Headings have a color of --bricks-text-dark by default, even when no color is set in the global theme styles and the heading style is set to “none.”

If there is no color set and the style is set to none, the heading should have no default color attached. The browser will render it as black.

Having a default style attached makes it impossible to set heading color at the parent container level. For example, if you have a dark section and want all the text in that section to be white, headings don’t respect that instruction because of their default styling.


This will be addressed in the 1.5 stable: WIP: Heading's color was not inherited by the container's typography setting - #4 by timmse


Marking this one solved as the default color and also font-weight have been removed from all headings (h1 - h6) in the latest 1.5 RC.